Cailee Campaign

Cailee is a 6 year old with a GoFundMe Bucket List of things to see before she loses her vision from a rare vision disorder. Her dream is to become a fashion designer when she grows up.

FabKids supports Cailee’s bucket list with a sightseeing trip to San Francisco and works with her to design a collection to be sold on (100% Net proceeds go to Cailee’s GoFundMe bucket list)

Cailee’s Tee Corner

The Campaign includes a new landing page/shop that support both merchandising and marketing goals.

  • Tell Cailee’s story

  • Feature Cailee’s day in SF

  • Shop-able item and outfit grid for Cailee’s new tee collection

  • Link to relevant sites about donations

Rough idea sketches on the page layout

Rough idea sketches on the page layout


Concept Phase

I started wire framing in Sketch to brainstorm on the overall flow of the page.


Final Design Phase

After I set the flow and general aesthetic of the page, I collaborated with the creative team on photography selection.


Shopping Experience

We wanted to translate the campaign aesthetic to the shopping experience on site. I designed emblem to work with the outfit/item images on the shopping grid to achieve a cohesive shopping experience for the Cailee’s Campaign.

final spec.jpg